Property Consulting

For Advice on How To Maximise Profitability Through:


rezoning / sectional title



It is commonly said that “you can’t go wrong with property”. This may have been the case historically, but the current macroeconomy is leading to large numbers of people needing to sell property at the bottom of the property market and not reap the full reward of their investment.

Many homeowners are sitting on land that is not being used to its full potential…

Now, more than ever, homeowners are considering the various options available to them in order to maximise the potential of their investment.

K & F Consulting offers you, the homeowner, an in-depth report and explanation of all the options available to you, in order to establish and achieve your property investment goals, in the form of:

1. Subdivision of your property into multiple properties/units.

2. Rezoning your residential property into commercial property.

3. Receiving special consent to run a small business from home.

4. Receiving special consent to convert an entire property to offices, but retain residential zoning.

5. Building additional buildings onto the existing property in order to receive rental income.

The list of options goes on………

Special Consent / Rezoning

We consider the various microeconomic factors that influence your options, as well as the municipal guidelines for town planning. We further consider the impact your decision will have on your existing bond and taxes.

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Subdivision / Construction

Our services could end here, and we could put you in touch with the various professionals that you would need in order to execute your desired outcome. FOR FREE !!

Subdivision + Development

For those wanting to streamline the process and would like us to administrate the application process for you, We are able to project manage any development or construction that you may want to undertake.